Our Charolais

At Spring Valley Ranches, our goal is to produce high quality cattle that are fertile, functional, structurally sound, docile, attractive, easy keeping, performance-oriented, carcass driven, and profitable throughout the beef industry. We use the term “excellence” when describing our cattle because it embodies all of these traits, while also representing a never-ending pursuit towards improvement. Our specialty is developing high quality commercial bulls for the beef industry, but we also love to build cows, heifers, and donor prospects. Please explore more of our herd to learn more.

About Hann Ranches

Spring Valley Ranches was founded in 1978 by Texas A&M University Environmental Engineering Professor Dr. Roy W. Hann, Jr. who sought a nostalgic return to the periodic country life he experienced as a young man at “Beebe Acres,” his grandfather’s 100-acre property outside Norman, OK. In his search for this experience, Dr. Hann was drawn to a resource-rich property in Milam County, TX, south of the town of Gause, and just 25-miles as the crow flies from the campus of Texas A&M University. This property featured an expansive valley centered along 6-mile Creek, a tributary to the great Brazos River, a free-flowing artesian well, and several groundwater springs. Through this, the name “Spring Valley” was born. Eventually, Dr. Hann expanded operations by adding additional properties along the same County Road 353, hence using “Ranches.”….