• We value quality, as quality wins in the long-run.
• We will strive for excellent quality in all facets of our organization.


• We value cattle that are functional for the purebred and commercial industries. We define functionality through fertility, structural soundness, calving ease, easy keep-ability, performance, muscling, carcass value, depth of body and spring of rib, and eye appeal.

• We will strive for excellent functionality in our cattle through continuous evaluation and improvement.


• We value cattle that are gentle, curious, and easy to work.
• We will strive for excellent cattle herd docility through genetic selection and animal training via proper, low-stress, stockmanship practices.


• We value stewardship of our land, pastures, livestock, facilities, and people.
• We will strive for excellent stewardship of our resources through effective grazing practices, herd health management, facility upkeep, and valuing family and the people who help our operation.

Honesty, Integrity and Ethics:

• We value honesty, integrity, and ethics in all business dealings.
• We will strive for excellence in honesty, transparency, truthfulness, and sincerity in our dealings.

Customer Service:

• We value customer service. We value working with people and companies that provide excellent customer experiences, and we value providing excellent service to our customers in return.
• We will strive for excellent customer service as week seek to be trusted advisors and partners in profitability for our customers.


• We value profitability throughout the beef industry. The long-term future of the industry requires profitable enterprises along the entire value chain, and we recognize the importance of profitability for ourselves as well as our customers.
• We will strive for excellent profitability in our operation, and we will strive to assist customers and other members of the beef industry to reach profitable metrics wherever possible.